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06th Mar 2017
Blurred Vision? 3 Tips For Relieving Eye Strain Caused By Screens
It’s almost unnecessary to shock you with figures that estimate that the average UK citizen is spending approximately 9 and a half hours looking at a digital screen per day (with this amount increasing), considering even reading this involves looking at a screen.
06th Mar 2017
Choosing a Frame for your Face Shape

It goes without saying that a good pair of specs or sunglasses is an investment. In one’s life there are classic pieces, like a leather handbag or a well-tailored shirt, which withstand the test of time and offer copious amounts of use – a quality pair of eyewear is just that.

14th Feb 2017
Love at First Sight
Psychologists, chemists and scientists alike have long debated whether love at first sight is a phenomenon with any solid scientific evidence behind it. However, that’s not to say that it’s impossible. One things for sure though, a good pair of stylish and perfectly prescribed specs will definitely increase the likelihood.