04th Jun 2015
Buying glasses online

So you've decided you'd like a new pair of glasses. Where to buy? How to buy? What are the pros and cons of buying online?

The internet has changed the way we buy pretty much everything, including health items like glasses. The advantage of buying glasses traditionally is that you can try frames on and have the opportunity to discuss shapes, style and any technical issues with a real person. And this method has worked reasonably well for the last two hundred years or so.

Whereas now, savvy people the world over are buying online, in the comfort of their own home, from a far wider choice than they could see in one optician's shop. And invariably saving money as well (which, let's face it, is often the most important factor). 

But there's also trust. How do you know the website/company you're buying from will deliver? And with glasses they have to be 100% accurate. Nearly OK isn't good enough. There's an obvious answer here and I accept that I'm biased, but you're best off buying through a company such as ours, with expertise and experience and a real-life bricks and mortar business that you're very welcome to visit.

Now the question of frame choice. Research has shown that a lot of people try on glasses at an optician, make a note of the frame details and then buy online. This is certainly the most foolproof method of ensuring that the frames are correct for you. Another method is to use one of those simulators that place an image of the frame on a photo but they just don't work very well.

Another benefit of buying online is the ease of returning goods if they're not right. We make it really easy to do so and we'll accept returns for any reason.

Please don't forget that we're at the end of the phone to answer questions: 020 7813 1234 or +44 (20) 7813 1234 from overseas and sitting by our computers waiting to answer any queries.