23th Oct 2015
Adam’s top tips: contact lenses

When I first started out in the business most contact lenses were hard or gas permeable – and not the most comfortable things to wear. They were also a bit of a pain to maintain – coming with a bathroom shelf full of lotions and potions to keep them clean and sterilised.

Thankfully disposable soft lenses are the norm nowadays – although not everyone can wear them – and the majority of people use daily disposables.

Inserting contact lenses

Despite all the best advice not to do it, some contact lens wearers will find themselves accidentally wearing their lenses overnight. Yes, I know it’s not ideal, but we live in the real world, right?

If this happens to you, you’ll probably wake up with blurred vision and a feeling like your lenses are permanently clamped to your eyes. Most people’s first instinct is to remove the lenses straight away. Top tip – don’t! Your eyes are likely to have dried up overnight and trying to get them out in a panic isn’t going to help. If your eyes are really dry, those lens will be stuck on like limpets, and you could scratch your eye if you try to get them out.

The best thing to do is wait a few minutes for your eyes to readjust and re-moisten. Once you have some moisture back in your eye the lenses will be so much easier to remove. It may be uncomfortable waiting, but it’s worth it.

And whatever you do, don’t take them out, lick them to moisten them, then put them back in again! Saliva is full of bacteria and it’s never a good idea to use it as an ‘emergency solution’. Seriously, I can’t stress the importance of being organised if you’re a contact lens wearer – always try to have a spare pair with you if you’re out and about. The daily disposables come in handy little packs now, so there’s no excuse.

Remember you can re-order your contact lenses online.