05th Nov 2015
Eye exam technology for the best vision


Finding the perfect pair of glasses isn't just about getting your prescription right. A whole host of measurements need to be taken to ensure you get the frames that are absolutely right for you.

You may have heard the term 'PD', or Pupillary Distance (also sometimes called Interpupillary Distance), in relation to your glasses. In basic terms your PD is the distance between your eyes. It's not a required part of a prescription, but we need to know the PD so we can position the optical centres of your lenses within the frame.

If your PD is wrong it can cause headaches and eye strain and your vision could be compromised.

If you wear progressive lenses (e.g. varifocals) it's critical that your PD is measured as accurately as possible. Anyone who's had any type of multifocal lenses will recognise the traditional way of measuring your PD – when your optician stares deeply into your eyes than draws lines and squiggles on your glasses to pinpoint exactly where your lenses should change, depending on your prescription.

While used for decades, this way of measuring can't always be 100% accurate, we are humans after all. Someone gets a squiggle slightly out of synch, and it can affect how your glasses work for you. Now technology has caught up and there are a range of machines out there to help measure your visual behaviour in astonishing detail.

We've recently invested in one of those machines - known as Visioffice, or 'Bert' as he's affectionately known to us in the shop.

When a client comes in for an eye exam they get a turn on Bert, who can take precise eye position measurements to within an accuracy of 0.1mm. The machine produces very high quality 3D images that find your individual optical eye rotation centre, eye lens position, head tilt and all sorts of other information. All these measurements are then combined with your prescription to help us find your optimum lenses.

Bert also offers a frame selection tool so you can compare what frames will look good on you – that combined with our experience and knowledge ensures you’ll walk out of the store looking super.

It's amazing how technology has come these days and we love having Bert in the shop! If you fancy having a go on Bert, why not book an appointment with us to see what all the fuss is about.