12th Nov 2015
Get the Steve Jobs look with Lunor rimless glasses

Lunor Classic Rund PP

This weekend sees the UK release of the eagerly anticipated Steve Jobs movie. Michael Fassbender plays the Apple co-founder in the film directed by Danny Boyle and also starring Kate Winslet and Seth Rogan.

Steve Jobs is widely recognised as one of the architects of modern technology and design. From the iconic iMac to the innovative Apple Watch, he was instrumental in creating gadgetry that transcends the technical world of geeks and finds itself lauded in the often fickle world of fashion.

And the man himself became something of a style icon too, with his ‘uniform’ of black polo neck jumper, jeans and New Balance trainers. And, of course, those glasses.

Jobs had been wearing the same brand of eyewear for many years before his death in 2011 – the Classic Rund PP from German designer Lunor. The company has been designing frames for over 25 years from their base in the Black Forest. All their frames are handmade, with up to 200 steps taken in the production process.

Jobs’ classic rimless glasses combine old-school design principles of simplicity and wearability, with modern technology and production techniques. Lunor states their design “forgoes fashionable exaggerations” and that “flashy branding” is not part of their strategy. They just make beautiful, timeless frames.

If you fancy getting the Steve Jobs look, or just want to experience luxury eyewear, we have Lunor glasses available in store here at Adam Simmonds - pop in to see us for a consultation