18th Nov 2015
Take care of your glasses with Adam's top tips

 Dirty glasses

Purchasing new glasses can be a big investment so it's important you look after your frames and lenses. At Adam Simmonds we want you to enjoy your glasses so have come up with the following five tips for keeping your frames spick and span.

1. Keep the form

One of the most common problems we see are frames that have become bent out of shape. To ensure your frames keep their form always try to take your glasses off with two hands instead of one. If you just use one hand you’ll be subtly pulling that side of the glasses which could lead to your frames becoming lopsided. Also, no matter how tempting it is, don’t put your glasses on top of your head. It will stretch the arms and loosen your frames.

2. Choose your cloth carefully

If your glasses lenses are dirty or smeared you’ll have to strain more to see through them. Smudged lenses also don’t look very nice. Keep your lenses super clean with a special microfiber cleaning cloth. You can choose lenses with oleophobic nano-coatings, which means they smudge less easily, but day-to-day grime can still leave your glasses looking grubby. As tempting as it is don’t use the edge of your t-shirt, your tie, a tissue or paper towels to clean your lenses – there could be dirt trapped in the fibres that might scratch any coatings you have.

3. Get cleaning

If your glasses are really grubby and it’s an emergency, you can use warm water to gently rinse them. Ideally though, we’d recommend a specialist glasses cleaning spray, which you can pick up from us or your local pharmacy. Don’t use washing up liquid or anything like bleach or household cleaner on your glasses as it could affect any lens coatings you may have. And never use hot water!

4. Watch extremes of heat

Never leave your glasses on or near a radiator, or on the car dashboard or by a hot oven. Extreme heat can bend or even melt the frames. Extreme cold is just as dangerous, so don’t store your glasses in the fridge or the freezer, please.

5. Store them right

When you’re not wearing your glasses try to store them in the case they came in, which will have been designed to keep them safe. Never place your glasses lens down on any surface, always fold the arms together and place them with the lens facing upwards. Never wear your glasses to bed - yes, it has been done – either pop your glasses in their case at night, or invest in a glasses holder you can keep next to your bed.

Following our top tips should help to keep your glasses in great condition. If you want to learn more about caring for your glasses, or want to see our great range of frames and sunglasses, why not pop in to see us at Adam Simmonds in Primrose Hill