03th Dec 2015
10 things about Thierry Lasry

Thierry Lasry at Adam SimmondsWe sell a number of different makes of glasses and sunglasses at Adam Simmonds. One of our favourite sunglasses brands is Thierry Lasry. In the first part of a regular series about brands we adore, we present 10 things about the French eyewear designer.

  1. Thierry was raised by an optician father and a designer mother, so it's hardly surprising he's combined both disciplines to make beautiful frames that become instant modern classics
  2. His father, Harry, created the optical brand Harry Lary's, with Thierry taking over creative directorship in 2002
  3. In 2006 Thierry launched his eponymous brand of sunglasses, taking the design and fashion world by storm
  4. Thierry’s design concept is 'futuristic vintage', using classic looks but giving them a modern, avant-garde twist
  5. Every pair of Thierry Lasry sunglasses is handmade in France, using the highest quality products, including acetate from Italian company Mazzucchelli
  6. While Thierry's style is instantly recognisable in his sunglasses, the company logo is hidden on the glasses frames, meaning your frames tell the story, not the brand
  7. The title of each frame style ends with a 'Y', for example, Bowery, Sobriety and Zomby. The 'Y' features in both Thierry's first and last names, and are included in all range names as he considers all his sunglasses his 'babies'
  8. The worlds of fashion and celebrity love Thierry Lasry's sunglasses. His designs can be spotted on Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry, Dita Von Teese and Gwyneth Paltrow, among others
  9. Thierry's frames have also appeared on screen, most recently in the Guy Ritchie movie The Man From U.N.C.L.E, where star Henry Cavill wore his super sophisticated Bowery frames
  10. You can browse a selection of Thierry Lasry sunglasses online, or pop in and see us at Adam Simmonds Opticians in Primrose Hill.