06th Mar 2017
Blurred Vision? 3 Tips For Relieving Eye Strain Caused By Screens

It’s almost unnecessary to shock you with figures that estimate that the average UK citizen is spending approximately 9 and a half hours looking at a digital screen per day (with this amount increasing), considering even reading this involves looking at a screen. This digital world we’re immersed in, where we spend more time looking at screens then we do asleep, certainly comes with its consequences - your eyes being the number one victim. So if you have ever felt your eyes becoming sore, watering, blurring, itching, burning or you’re struggling to focus and are getting regular headaches… read on.

Regular Eye Tests

Getting your eyes examined regularly is paramount to combating eyestrain and ensuring that your eyesight remains clear and comfortable. We recommend coming into store, either Primrose Hill or Great Portland Street, on a yearly basis, and especially if you have been experiencing any symptoms.

The great news is, there is actually a government directive that any employee who spends more than an hour at a time using a computer can request an eye exam and the employer is obliged to pay for it – test away!

Take a Break

Breaks are pretty crucial to reducing the eye strain from staring at a screen all day. It’s a good idea to take a little wander around every hour or so to give your eyes a rest. Supposedly, this is beneficial for back and shoulder pain too, win-win.      

If you don’t fancy a wander, looking at an object far away regularly for 15-30 seconds relaxes the focusing muscle inside the eye, which in turn reduces eye fatigue. Just so happens that this is also a great excuse when you’re caught staring off into space.

Get Your Light Right

Excessive bright light can cause eye strain. When looking at a screen, ambient lighting should be even lower than usual to reduce this. If possible, it’s best if light coming from sources besides your screen is not facing you directly.

Glare from walls, windows and other surfaces, as well as your screen, can contribute to eye strain. It goes without saying that all Adam Simmonds lenses on offer are of the highest quality. They have Nikon multi-coating, which means they are anti-reflection – ideal for reducing glare – as well as being anti-smudge and anti-scratch.