06th Mar 2017
Choosing a Frame for your Face Shape


It goes without saying that a good pair of specs or sunglasses is an investment. In one’s life there are classic pieces, like a leather handbag or a well-tailored shirt, which withstand the test of time and offer copious amounts of use – a quality pair of eyewear is just that. Unlike when buying a house, location and square footage take a back seat when choosing the perfect pair of glasses. What does however remain important when investing is whether the pair is suitable for the individual – you wouldn’t buy a luxury one-bedroom penthouse for a family of four who’d like a garden (wishful thinking aside), would you? Likewise for your frame to be an asset it must be suitable. Here’s some advice to consider when matching a pair to your face shape.


Soften and compliment the angles of a square-shaped face with a beautiful pair of round frames. Try to avoid frames with sharp angles to avoid exaggerating a wide jaw. For ladies, Oliver Goldmith’s Oops sunglasses are perfect, and for gentlemen Oliver Peoples’ Gregory Peck style will have you looking dapper.


If you’ve been blessed with model-high cheekbones and a wider forehead, but a slightly narrower chin, it’s flattering to choose bottom heavy frames like Oliver Peoples’ Sheldrake. Frames with low-set temples are also a complimentary choice – try Alix by Oliver Peoples.


Rounder faces are usually fairly short with fuller cheeks and a rounded chin. Those with this face shape should think inside the box – preferably a rectangular box. Cutler and Gross do a classic rectangle shape for an optical pair, while Oliver Peoples’ Jack Huston sunglasses are an edgy choice for a rounder face.


If you have an oval shaped face you are blessed with choice. Most frames suit the well-balanced, high cheek-boned, softly rounded face shape. Illesteva’s signature Leonard or Dita’s Superstition is a brilliantly bold choice for you, plus the wide frames will ensure the oval keeps its natural balance.

Still not sure what frame style to invest in? Pop into our Great Portland Street or Primrose Hill opticians, where we’ll help you pick the perfect pair of luxury prescription eyewear.