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Adam is an optometrist with a private practice in London’s Primrose Hill which was established in 2001. He’s married with three lovely daughters; he's a passionate Spurs fan, and is greying as a direct result of both.

He studied Ophthalmic Optics at The City University, London, a very long time ago, and is a Member of the British College of Optometrists. At the age of 26, Adam set up Eye-Tech, in London’s Soho. It became renowned as the trendy opticians, through a combination of location, friendly service, innovative interior design and being the first in the UK to stock brands such as Oliver Peoples and LA Eyeworks.

After selling Eye-Tech, Adam had a seven year semi-sabbatical. (Thailand, NLP, spiritualism, that kind of thing). Then, after making and losing a (paper) fortune via new media and the internet, he started a family… hence back to optometry and eyewear.

Adam is now on a mission to blend the old-fashioned values of good service and excellent eye care with the digital age. The result is unique, combining the advantages of the internet (keen pricing, ready information, convenience) and the reality of the 'bricks-and-mortar' model (real people, honesty, integrity).

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"We’re a family run, caring business. 

Continuity – you’ll see the same faces week in and week out".

“We have an exceedingly high loyalty rate.

People keep coming back for more. Must be doing something right…”

“Adam has over 25 years of optical experience and knows what he’s doing.”


Eye Examinations

An eye examination takes around 35 minutes and is pretty thorough, comprising the refraction (determination of the focus of your eyes), binocular function and eye health, which includes screening for eye disease such as glaucoma.

I use a Nidek refraction unit that enables measurements that are accurate to 0.12 dioptres and 1º on the astigmatic axis. (This makes for super-accurate refractions, resulting in optimal vision). 


Retinal Photography

Included in every eye examination, I take digital photos of the back of the eye to check the integrity of the retina. This is a very useful guide to the general state of health of the body as it’s the only way of seeing internal blood vessels without being invasive. Often, optometrists will spot the effects of diabetes or high blood pressure before other symptoms occur, so retinal photography is a very useful health aide.

Please bring along a USB stick so I can give you a copy of the image.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have evolved out of all recognition since their early days in the 1960s and 70s. When I first qualified, opticians spent an enormous amount of time sorting out contact lens problems and resultant eye infections. Around 50% of new fittings were either hard or gas permeable lenses which meant our patients weren't happy until they’d spent around six months of adaptation. Early soft lens wearers had to have a whole chemistry-set of solutions to clean and sterilise their lenses every night as well as fortnightly super-cleaning using protein-removing tablets.

Nowadays, hardly anyone wears gas permeable lenses and hard (PMMA) lenses are a distant (bad) memory. Soft lenses are the norm; with the advent of daily disposables, solutions and infections are largely consigned to history. Not everyone is suitable for daily disposables, but if you are, then I would urge you to wear them in preference to other frequent replacement lenses. Although the lenses are more expensive, there’s no cost for solutions and the ease of use and freedom from hassle and infections makes them worth every penny.

New daily-use multifocal lenses are really worth investigating if, like me, you're, ahem, over mid-forties.


Laser Refractive Surgery

I'm very happy to discuss all options of eye care and present an unbiased opinion on the pros and cons of laser refractive surgery. I have a small network of trusted ophthalmologists who I work with and will refer you to them as required.

One thing I will not advocate is having your eyes lasered by a chainstore like Optical Express. The better surgeons have had years of experience and are up-to-date with the latest techniques and equipment. These businesses hire ophthalmologists who are paid a day-rate and limited to what equipment and techniques Optical Express consider most appropriate (profitable).

Techniques and instrumentation keep changing, so in a few years' time there will always be something better and the procedure that you opt for now will be considered old hat.