When you get your eyes tested, the optician is obliged to provide you with your spectacle prescription. If you have it on paper, please send a copy to us by uploading a photo of it on the ordering page or email it to

You could ask the optician to email it to you and then forward it to us, or simply supply us with their name and address and we’ll make the call for you.

You may have noticed that we don't give you the option to input your prescription yourself. This is to safeguard against errors. There are three ways to provide us with your prescription details:

Upload Scan/Photo. Best option.

Contact My Optician. We're very happy to do this for you. We'll need your date of birth for verification.

Leave For Now. Select this option if you want to leave the prescription details for the time being, but please provide us with instructions as to what to do. For example, you may be getting your eyes tested shortly and you'll email the prescription in a few days.

Your PD is the distance between your eyes, the InterPupillary Distance. If you know it, please enter it in the PD box. Otherwise select Don't Know.


PLEASE NOTE that to be included within the quoted prices, your prescription needs to be within range. This means that your required lenses are as follows:

1. Single focus, i.e., not bifocal or varifocal/progressive.

2. Have a spherical power of 10.00DS or less. Powers greater than 10.00DS can be made but extra charges will apply and may not be suitable for dispensing online. We'll advise.

3. Have a cylindrical power of 2.00DC or less. Powers greater than 2.00DC can be made but extra charges will apply.